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RetroMacCast - Episode Guide

February 4, 2017

Full RetroMacCast Episode Guide

Sometimes you just want to listen to an insightful but light-hearted interview while you do something. Sorting through my most-played RetroMacCast episodes generated this list.


14Reliving the LisaRay Arachelian walks you through the Apple Lisa emulator he wrote without much prior experience(!) and talks about the Lisa’s architecture and user interface philosophy,
35Closet of MysteriesDale and his lovely Edinburgh accent talks a bit about his personal retrocomputing journey and outlines the RetroChallenge 2007.
45The Celtic MacintoshPaul Lehrman talks about electrocoustic performance, his role in productions of Ballet Mécanique, and the early days of music production on the Macintosh.
49That’s not a collection. THIS is a collection.JD talks about his massive Macintosh collection, the Apple Orchard. (Does anyone know what happened to JD?)
53Hello eWorld!Scott Converse and Cleo Huggins talk about their time at Apple working on the short-lived eWorld online service.
5824th Anniversary MacDave Clausen talks about retrofitting a Mac 128 with Intel Mac mini guts, and using a microcontroller to bridge the Mac 128 keyboard protocol and USB.
72You say Peezmo, I say PizmoDave of BellePrima Auctions talks about his unique prose style and his admiration for Macintosh product design.
73Turning Trash into TreasureeBay reseller ChloeC (Bonnie) talks about the copious trinkets that Apple gave away during various training programs, etc.
81RetroMacMedicAdrian Franulovich talks about his collection and servicing old hardware.
85Steakbone SlideJag of Jag’s House talks about his introduction to computing and the Macintosh.
91Senseless ViolenceBrian Greenstone of Pangea Software talks about developing games for the IIgs, why IIgs programmers were snapped up by SNES game companies, and the dilemma of controlling games on the iPhone.
104Changing a Leopard's SpotsJames Little talks about cramming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard onto pre-AGP Macs.
115Steve Capps Part 1Steve Capps worked at Xerox PARC when he was in his teens and became an original Lisa/Macintosh team member. He later worked on Studio Session and the Apple Newton.
116Steve Capps Part 2
129Sweet16Eric Shepherd talks about emulator development and his project, Sweet16, a well-known Apple IIgs emulator.
153The Huston BrothersDick and Cliff Huston worked on the Apple II and the very earliest days of Apple.
154The Applegate TapesBob Applegate talks about early personal computer programming jobs leading to a career at Franklin Computer.

Regular Episodes

20An Open Podcast to Steve JobsA collection of listener mail.
33Those Damned Dirty ROMs!Macs before “32-bit clean” ROMs.
34Wooly Hamsters
54Macworld Expo 2008James and John attend one of the last Apple keynotes worth watching.
70Reflexive Double ClicksPrecursor to the BellePrima interview (above).
76Vampire RAMMacintosh IIci
100To the MacCave!John shows off his collection.
111Unfortunate LaurenThose Windows “I’m a Mac” counterattack commercials.
133It's Party Time!That golden Windows Vista install party instructional video.
138Dark Castle
170Lots o' Slots
177Behind Kooter Brown'sFollow James and John live as they score old Macs at a computer surplus auction.

Computer History Museum Tours

55Son of Apple
57The Unboxing Club
59I Love My Mac
191Return to the Computer History Museum

DigiBarn Tour

60DigiBarn and the Mac Business Plan
61Romancing the Pismo
63Biofeedback and the Woz Wonderbook
64Imbued with Woziness

Fun Times in Jeremy Mehrle’s Basement Collection

37Two-Stroke Quadra?
68Jeremy's Basement
263Woz with a Coz?
305Basement Remodeling with Jeremy
570Jeremy's Retro Bar



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