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Sound Effects from "3 in Three" by Cliff Johnson

October 26, 2020

what was 3 In Three?

get a copy of the game itself

watch a Very Smart Person play the entire game in an impossibly short period of time

Sound design by Robert Weaver. Some creative use of FM in these.

Download the sounds in AIFF, MP3, and iPhone ringtone format (4MB)

or just listen to all the sounds globbed together

These sounds live in the data fork of the "3 puzzles" file and were extracted with sox -r 11025 -e unsigned -b 8 -c 1 3puzzles.raw output.aif.

Inspired by Andrew Plotkin posting the sounds for System's Twilight, another very cool puzzle game far beyond my reach.

If you're still here, you should check out System Syzygy, a modern spiritual successor to System's Twilight, 3 In Three, and The Fool's Errand (kinda). It's written in Rust so it must be cool, and the Mac executable is just 4MB. o_O



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